RC Home Showcase earns the highest marks when it comes to return on investment for your dream home. The majority of all hi-rise residences in the southern half of Florida feature RC products. It only goes to follow that the legend of perfection will continue in the single-family home industry.

RC Home Showcase products are the perfect complement to your dream home. By design, they offer the aesthetics and durability demanded by the most discerning homeowners. Whether an inviting exit to a romantic terrace off the master suite or a break in a heavily traveled path from the family room to the pool, RC Home Showcase makes it a priority to provide products as elegant and functional as the furniture in and overall design of your home.


Architects, Designers, Developers and General Contractors have turned to RC Home Showcase, Inc for high-performance glass products, top quality glazing and high rise installation. RC Home Showcase, Inc is a leader in glass product manufacturing. RC designs and manufactures superior fenestration products to satisfy the most demanding architectural specification in a variety of unique shapes, sizes and colors. Our sophisticated manufacturing and testing facility in Miami, Florida uses state of the art equipment to produce superior windows, sliding glass doors, glass railings and curtain wall. Our diverse and broad experience is carefully and skillfully integrated to help you bring in a superior building, on time, and within cost. How good are we? Put us to the test. Throw your toughest problem at us and watch RC Home Showcase go to work for you. One of the built-in advantages you’ll gain from retaining RC Home Showcase is that we are rarely at a loss for optimal solutions.

However difficult the assignment, however complex the problem, we will find the right answer. Two basic reasons:

  • The depth of our experience. Whatever your problem, we have faced it before. And conquered it. In fact, we just may offer the widest selection of off-the-shell fenestrations in the business: 365 proven, effective designs. They include all styles and, ranging from smallest to largest, in all finishes too. All are backed by RC’s written guarantee.
  • The superiority of our Research & Development. In our book, to stand still is to move backwards. So, we invest heavily-in time and money-in state-of-the-art technology. If you are building a break-through structure, we will work closely with your architect to design curtain walls, sliding glass doors or windows never yet seen before.